Friday, October 12, 2007

Solar electricity generators from Ammini

I have one installed at my home - Generates AC current from solar energy. Powers most simple home appliances like lights, fans, TV, DTH set top boxes (e.g. Tata Sky), etc. Generates around 200 to 400 Watt hours per day - although they claim to generate output of 600Wh. Total cost including taxes - Rs. 85,000/-

Should you buy it? Yes - only if you are a big solar/clean-environment fan. No - if you are looking at reducing the cost of power that you buy from electricity boards. The reduction in costs - if any - might not be visible in the initial 15-20 years after installation. For me, the satisfaction of being able to independently power up my house (at least for sometime every day) is simply amazing.

- Tosh